What We Do

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Amber and Branden both do very different styles of work. So what exactly DO we do? Here is a list with some examples of the wonderful things we create. You can click on each of the images to be taken to a gallery.

Painted Feathers

Amber uses a highly pigmented acrylic to paint impressive images on delicate feathers. From butterflies to David Bowie and wolves to John Barrowman, these feathers are her signature work.

Animal Paintings

Human Portraits

Large Feathered Dragons

Feathered Bottle Dragons

Feathered Dragons

New to polymer clay but finding a passion in the medium, Amber delicately sculpts the features of each dragon to have a unique personality. “Large” dragons are usually small enough to fit in your hand while her bottle dragons are on a bottle less than an inch tall!

Hand-made Jewelry


With a love of color and an affinity for semi-precious stones, each of these pieces are one of a kind.