And Now For Something Completely Different 2

Yep, I’ve been slacking.  I will fully admit that I haven’t painted a feather since April of 2012.  I’ve done some dreamcatchers and I’ve learned some traditional beading.  I’ve learned brick stitch and how to do rosettes from a fantastic Mohawk woman.  I’ve taught myself peyote, square, spiral and how […]

3 Feather Wolf 2

Way back in December, I had a request for a fan painted with wolves.  Two cubs if I could.  She wanted it by April for her man as a gift.  Now to be honest, I am ridiculous when it comes to commission pieces and I make myself nervous to the […]

Hatching Baby Dragons

 There’s a new line of creation that have been started!  Little baby dragons! They’re not my normal medium of work.  I’m more of a 2-D kinda gal all and all.  But my other half started playing with polymer clay and I wanted to give it a shot. It’s a lot […]

Bob’s Dreamcatcher

 Dreamcatchers have long been associated with native culture.  Traditionally Ojibwe (Chippewa), they now span into nearly every tribe…each one putting their own twist to the beautiful craft. This was done for a friend of mine down on the island.  He wanted a unique piece for his wife’s birthday.  All I […]

Wedding Bells

I was asked recently to participate in the bridal party of a dear friend’s wedding.  We have been friends for a long while.  I don’t know exactly how long, but it’s been a long number of years.  We’ve been there through good times, bad times, and all of the other […]

Feathered Sunshine

Finches in general have a beautiful song.  We would always have several of them when I lived up in Pennsylvania every year.  Where as they’re small birds, their bright yellow colors always made them easy to spot in the crowd of sparrows and chickadees.  They also have a very distinct […]

A Lovely Amur Leopard

Way back when I started this painting, I had in mind to gift it to a woman that is doing some work for me.  However…it kept looking horribly disfigured.  I’d see what was wrong, try and fix it, but to no avail.  It would just look screwy in some other […]

It’s a Little Bear

I was doing little clay sculptures one night (when they’re done I’ll post them as well) and any time I went to do a bear…it started to look like something else instead.  And while that can happen with paint…I have more play room than with a chunk of clay that […]

More Double Earrings! This Time in Pheasant

There’s not much to write on here about the new feather earrings.  I have a small collection of pheasant feather and guinea hen to do crafts with, and while all of these are in pheasant…the others are soon to come.  The earwires are still surgical steel, but plated in gold […]

Carving Coyote

I’m more known for my 2-D artwork, especially with the painted feathers over the past few years.  Branden has been working in sculpture for as long as I’ve been drawing and painting.  But, me being the competitive artist that I am, wanted to try my hand at carving and sculpting.  […]

One Of The Signs That Spring Is Coming

For the past few nights, I have gone out for a moonlit walk, to find a tiny green tree frog sitting on the porch chair.  Being the porch is screened in, I don’t want the little thing to somehow get trapped without food, so I pick him up and put […]

Ride the Wild Horses

I’ve noticed there has been a large number of individuals that are claiming horse totems.  So I figured I’d give doing a horse painting a second try…and this time…not spray it with clear coat. It turned out much better this time, I’m sure part of it has to do with […]