Recycling into Art: Spider

One of Branden’s passions has always been finding scraps of material and making them into something completely new and exciting. While having a bunch of potential lying around can be a bit frustrating at times, the end result is always worth it. Using a broken candle holder, some scraps of […]

Handmade Yucca Cordage

Making Cordage Out of Yucca Leaves 3

We enjoy making crafts out of natural materials.  Recently, Amber had the pleasure of learning how to make cordage from a traveling survivalist.  While it took a little bit to get used to, the process was surprisingly easy and quite enjoyable. Yucca is pretty amazing as a plant.  The natives […]

Finding the Right Reference Photos

The best reference material is always being able to study the subject in person. Being able to observe not only gives me an idea of the personality of the subject, but helps me to understand how it moves. But cuddling up to a few wolves or deep sea diving with […]

Painting Clog Panels ~ Adding a personal touch to fabulous shoes

I am always up for trying my hand at something new, though I never thought I would have the chance to try hand-painting custom clogs!  After visiting Chameleon Clogs in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I was given a wonderful opportunity to try a whole new medium.  When a […]

Welcome to Red Tail Arts

Welcome to Red Tail Arts, the culmination of an artist’s life long dream and unparalleled creativity and skill. Amber’s love of art began as a young child, inspired by her mother’s artistry. Inspiration blossomed into the discovery of her own natural abilities that grew with her over the coming years […]


 One of the most notable birds that visitors to the Outer Banks are drawn to is the pelican.  It is an amazing site to watch these huge birds glide in over the dunes.

New Paint~

I’ve been away for quite a while, but I’ve been working on a lot of different and new things.  Mainly trying to find new paints that will work better for my use on feathers.  The feathers have a challenging texture to work with, never mind the thinness.  After a lot […]

A New Style of Clog

Replicating designs, as I mentioned in a previous post, has always been a huge challenge.  Painting the clogs in the more common style requires not only replication, but symmetry as close to perfection as possible.  To help myself work up to doing more elaborate designs I’ve started working on something […]

Black Tail Rattlesnake & Orry Martin

First feather I’ve painted in a LONG time.  While stalking around Facebook, I came across Orry Martin: Texas Snake Hunter.  Do you know how difficult it is to find excellent reference images for snakes?  I know there is a lot of fear surrounding them, but I’ve never seen so many […]

A New Path Along the Road 1

I met a really fantastic woman in Nags Head, NC that ran a clog shop.  It’s called Chameleon Clogs and if you ever visit the Outer Banks it is in the new Food Lion plaza on Hwy 12.  A friend had shared one of my feathers with her and it […]

Winter Wedding in Winnipeg

 I had a fantastic opportunity to create wedding jewelry for a bridal party!  I do really love creating things for people.  There is something super exciting about creating a special piece for a person.  These were to celebrate the marriage of two of my dearest friends from Canada. When I […]

Cross Stitch for Christmas

I wanted to do something really special for the holidays this year.  It can be difficult to create gifts sometimes, or maybe that is just my perspective.  I mean, how many dreamcatchers can you give someone?  So I am always looking to do new things.  I used to do cross […]