About Branden


Art is made when the pain of making art is outweighed by the pain of not making art

Growing up a single child on a small hobby farm just north of Clarion, Pennsylvania, Branden relied on his highly active imagination to enhance his isolated childhood. The surrounding forests easily lent itself to his creative mind and fueled his drive to bring the ideas in his mind to the physical world.

As he matured, he became infatuated with the work of Leonardo da Vinci. Using him as a role model, Branden pushed himself to work with many different types of material. He later coupled his passion for art with an education in history and the sciences, leading him to earn a Minor in Physics during his time at Clarion University.

Through his ever-expanding passions he has had the opportunities to refine his skills through his impressive work in knife making, pottery, painting miniatures, and welding. This later transformed into his more recent works in miniature polymer clay sculptures and the carving of soapstone. He has also tried his hands at goldsmithing, casting, lampwork glass, print making, painting with ink, and even the new 3-D Doodler! Branden truly enjoys learning a completely new medium and seeing just how far he can push the material.

Branden is currently living in Frisco, NC (aka the edge of the world) with his girl Amber, fighting the battle to balance life, work, and art.