About Amber


“Art is not born from patience, but from stubborn ambition”

Born in a small suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Amber grew up aside two younger siblings and an artistic mother that was the driving inspiration in her early years. Although natural skill plays a part, Amber has spent a great deal of effort towards the constant improvement of her works. This drive brought her to enroll in the Visual Communications program at the International Academy of Design and Technology, where her skills were further refined.

After several years of managing a print shop in Clarion, Pennsylvania, she and her partner, Branden, left for the Outer Banks of North Carolina to make a life for themselves. Amber began work at the Frisco Native American Museum, which broadened her experience in working with natural mediums.

Though she enjoys working with nearly any medium, her current passion is painting on feathers. If you watch carefully, you can even see her dip into sculpting with polymer clay or making rawhide drums! No matter what medium she’s working in, you can guarantee that she is trying to push the limits of what she can get it to do.

Her other interests include learning about the natural world around her, listening to audio courses and books while she works, psychology, and teaching herself the Russian language.

She currently resides in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with her partner, Branden and their three cats and two snakes.