About the Artists

Two artists of very different styles, expressing themselves through their unique work

Amber and Branden met each other in 2005 through the efforts of a mutual friend in Clarion, Pennsylvania. At that time, Amber was mainly focused in 2-D mediums while Branden was elbow deep in 3-D mediums. Quickly becoming good friends, they would experiment in whatever project the other happened to be working on.

Their partnership strengthened as they encouraged each other to refine their personal styles. This also gave them the unique opportunity to learn and appreciate the drastically different approach of the other and adapt with it. While the small, college town provided some artistic atmosphere, the oppressive cold sent them in search of more lively surrounds.

In 2008, they relocated to the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. The gorgeous landscape was the perfect inspiration for the two…not to mention to winter provided a lot of down time to focus on their creative endeavors.

The move also provided the chance to branch into different mediums. Some of their more recent works include the construction and painting of hand-drums, carving seashell, working with animal hides and bones, painting feathers, and even a little bit of trial and error with sea glass!

When they’re not working their day-jobs or making art, Amber and Branden enjoy kayaking in the Palmico Sound only half a mile from their residence, taking evening walks under the easily visible Milky Way, cooking fantastic food, and expanding their knowledge.