The Bear and the Eagle (with progression photos)

A white eagle and a mother and cub painted on smudge feathers


One of the challenges of painting on a tiny surface is making sure everything fits the way you need it to. When painting the bears, they were mapped in before starting on the detail. Single animals always offer more wiggle room as you can highlight and compensate. But if Amber made momma bear too large, there’d be no room for baby!


A white eagle creates a need for a different approach. Most animals we can do a few days of research for reference images and get excellent, detailed, shots. But when it comes to mythic or spirit animals, you’ve got to focus on the structure of the animal in a whole new way. The color has a lot more play room as you have no definite reference to go by. This particular one had pinks, oranges, browns, and blues thrown in to create the depth of the feathers.


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