Cthulhu Rises from the Deep with Style

There is nothing like the myths of creatures lurking in the deep.  But there is little as intimidating, or lovable, as the Lovecraftian stories of Cthulhu.  He’s even got his own adorable theme song and animated cartoon!

Not too long ago, Amber got a special request to paint Cthulhu rising from the deep and destroying a city. Being he was a creature of the deep, it was suggested that a large shell would be most fitting.

The texture of the shell created an interesting medium, and despite minor challenges, started quite smoothly.

One of the more interesting tidbits through this project is the shell often presents the same problems as painting over the shaft of the feather. To blend while painting, the paint needs to be wet. However, the smooth surface of the shell would often cause the semi-dried paint to slip off the surface. This wasn’t a large issue on the solid areas such as the tentacles. But when trying to do washes over the face and wings to add a smokey and distant look, it caused a few bouts of frustration.

But as you can *see, it was absolutely worth it!

**Please note color will vary due to the nature of photographing 3D images and screen variances**

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