Young Alligator Painted Feather 2

Gator Feather Final

After a long hiatus, Amber has gotten a brand new feather out! This little guy was seen at the Greensboro Science Center in North Carolina. Thankfully we were able to capture a few photos that really showed off this beautiful creature!

Check out the slideshow below for the progression photos!

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2 thoughts on “Young Alligator Painted Feather

    • Amber Roth Post author

      Perhaps I should do a tutorial on how I wrap the bottom of my feathers! There is a way to shave part of the shaft of larger feathers, heating it to bend it upon itself to create a loop, then tying to secure it. Or, you can stitch right through smaller shafts, like the ones for this guy, with a sewing needle.

      I actually stitch all of my feathers into my frames. Less messy than glue and easy to do. You can hide your stitching with feather floof or the band of the hat.