An Army of Bottlecap Dragons

Bottlecap Dragon Army

An army of teeny tiny dragon companions

Branden has an amazing talent for sculpting. Though it seems both of us like to work on a micro scale. He has been busy creating teeny tiny little dragons. Even with a high quality of polymer clay, they’re so delicate during the creation process that it’s next to impossible to sculpt them while holding them. His solution? Put the clay on top of a bottle cap!

Orange Bottlecap Dragon

While it can be a bit unexpected to find bottle caps from beer and soda if you take a peek inside our tool boxes, these have been invaluable! Because polymer clay is an oven-bake clay, the bottle caps are able to go into the oven if they need to. However, most of the time they are gently cut off the top and set directly on the baking tray to be able to use the bottle cap again. If you ever want a custom dragon with your favorite capped drink, we love custom orders! Send us a bottle cap and Branden will sculpt a dragon!

Whether holding a gemstone bead, horned, frilled, or finned, each of Branden’s Bottlecap Dragons are unique and full of personality.

The size of the dragons compared to a penny

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