Recycling into Art: Spider

Branden’s latest functional sculpture. A spider that holds a tea light.

One of Branden’s passions has always been finding scraps of material and making them into something completely new and exciting. While having a bunch of potential lying around can be a bit frustrating at times, the end result is always worth it.

Using a broken candle holder, some scraps of flashing, metal coat hangers, and some metal mesh, the idea for the spider was born.

But where does the idea to create such a thing come from in the first place? One, we’ve got a strange little metal fish that was gifted to us that holds a tea light. Nothing fancy, just cut metal and screen painted up in greens, blues and yellows to look like a fish. And it works quite nicely to add just a tiny bit of heat to a cold bathroom. Two, we’ve got a friend that LOVES spiders.

The hardest part was getting the back end figured out

One of the major challenges was trying to figure out just how the candle was going to sit in the spider. Without the option of a welder at the time, Branden needed to find a way to secure the base to hold the tea light, but also make it easy to replace. After a bit of fighting with some heavy wire and some flashing scraps, the spider now has a little trap door style of holder. It had a protective metal mesh abdomen to house the candle, and a simple way to replace it.

Roughed out and painted black

The rest, while not easy, was much less of a challenge. After he was all cleaned up, with no sharp ends poking out anywhere, the spider got a quick spray of black that would be safe for when the candle was lit. If you intend to try recycled art into candle holders for yourself, research your paints first! The last thing you want is to have a beautiful piece ruined by the paint bubbling off or catching on fire.

The last step was just some personal touches to add a bit of color and hide some of the more tangled looking wire work. Now that he’s got the process down, there’s a rumor that he may make more in the near future.

What kind of critter would you have liked as a recycled art candle holder?

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