The Bear and the Eagle (with progression photos)

A white eagle and a mother and cub painted on smudge feathers One of the challenges of painting on a tiny surface is making sure everything fits the way you need it to. When painting the bears, they were mapped in before starting on the detail. Single animals always offer […]

David Tennant as the 10th Doctor

For our fellow Whovians! When you’re used to doing animals on feathers, human portraits can push your limits. What better way to stretch them out than by painting a miniature David Tennant on a small turkey feather! Portraits are always much slower moving than most of the animal paintings. There’s […]

Working on Changing Things Up!

Hello and Welcome! Red Tail Arts is currently undergoing some work to add more recent work, change up the shop, and update our information. Unfortunately, is may take a while as Branden and Amber work full time along with their artwork! If you have any questions or would like to […]

Cthulhu Rises from the Deep with Style

There is nothing like the myths of creatures lurking in the deep.  But there is little as intimidating, or lovable, as the Lovecraftian stories of Cthulhu.  He’s even got his own adorable theme song and animated cartoon! Not too long ago, Amber got a special request to paint Cthulhu rising […]

Young Alligator Painted Feather 2

After a long hiatus, Amber has gotten a brand new feather out! This little guy was seen at the Greensboro Science Center in North Carolina. Thankfully we were able to capture a few photos that really showed off this beautiful creature! Check out the slideshow below for the progression photos!

Brush Jar

Why Brushes Matter: Comparison Between Beste and Micro Mini

Walking into a new art store is always a mix of excitement and intimidation, especially when looking for new paint brushes. Will a new brand produce better results or should I stick to the ones I know and love? How much of a change is a different line by the […]

New House Wights Listed On Etsy!

Branden’s House Wights have finally made their way to Etsy! We’ve only started with a few, but expect to be seeing more soon! As always, we welcome custom orders. Want one in the colors of your favorite sports team? Have an idea for one that is extra personal? Don’t hesitate […]

How Art Can Progress; Polymer Clay Dragons

There is an interesting idea that a skilled artist can always just jump into a new medium and Voila! Instant beauty. While there may be some truth behind the idea that those with natural skill have an easier time than most, there is still quite a bit of trial and […]

How to Make a Polymer Clay Rose (Video)

All you need is: Polymer Clay (we use Premo! Sculpy) Sculpting tool (optional) An oven for baking your finished rose Though we often get strange looks for insisting so, these little roses are easy and fun to create. We’ve used them to customize a My Little Pony, to decorate special […]

An Army of Bottlecap Dragons

Branden has an amazing talent for sculpting. Though it seems both of us like to work on a micro scale. He has been busy creating teeny tiny little dragons. Even with a high quality of polymer clay, they’re so delicate during the creation process that it’s next to impossible to […]

Progress of a Wolf Feather Painting (Slideshow)

Everyone approaches a painting differently. Some like to flesh out all the shapes while others go straight for specific detail. Though I normally don’t do my feather paintings with an audience, I often get questions about how I go about painting upon a feather. The feather that is featured above […]

Teaching vs. Keeping Trade Secrets

It is often said the art world is exceptionally cutthroat. If you look for it, evidence can be seen from corporate offices to craft fairs. There seems to be a constant squabbling over the need to come up with the next best seller. Designs are stolen, replicated, and the thieves […]